Is Cannabidiol (CBD) Useful For Lowering High Blood Pressure?

Benefits Of CBD
Benefits Of CBD
Cannabidiol CBD
Cannabidiol CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) derived from the hemp plant is a highly versatile cannabinoid due to its health and therapeutic benefits. Because of this, it was removed from the list of schedule 1 drugs in the US, and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed it from the list of prohibited substances. It is used as an active ingredient in many health and wellness products mainly due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Besides, consuming CBD products reduces blood pressure due to its vasodilatory effect, and in this article, we will explore more about it.

Cannabidiol (CBD) Effects On Blood Pressure

In 2017 a research was conducted to understand the effects of CBD on blood pressure, inspired by previous preclinical studies. Under this study, the volunteers were administered with 600mg of CBD per day, and the results obtained from it are listed below.

  • Decreased resting systolic blood pressure (-6 mm of Hg; P < 0.05)
  • Decreased stroke volume (-8ml; P < 0.05)
  • Increased heartbeat rate.
  • Maintained cardiac output

Listed below are the results when volunteers were exposed to stress.

  • Decreased blood pressure before and after stress (-5 mm Hg; P < 0.05)
  • Increased heartbeat rate (+10 bpm; P < 0.01)
  • Decreased stroke volume (-13 ml; P < 0.01)

In the final test, volunteers were administered CBD and exposed to cold stress.

  • Decreased blood pressure before and after stress (-6 mm Hg; P < 0.01)
  • Increased heartbeat rate (+7 bpm; P < 0.05)
  • Decreased total peripheral resistance.

These test results prove that CBD health benefits of reducing blood pressure under resting and stressful situations is valid.

Taking Cannabidiol (CBD) For Lowering Blood Pressure

Before discussing using CBD for high blood pressure, bear in mind that scientific studies prove consuming up to 1,500 mg of CBD per day is well tolerated by humans. High blood pressure causes serious conditions like heart diseases and increases the risk of stroke. CBD for high blood pressure is usually consumed in the form of oils because you can easily adjust the dosage according to the changing requirements.

There is no standard dosage for CBD because it varies from person to person due to the difference in physiology. Some of the important physiological factors are age, gender, weight, metabolic rate, physical activity, preexisting medical conditions, and genetics. Besides, due to genetics, some people respond very well to CBD oil while others might not. Because of this variation, it is important to consult your physician before using cannabidiol (CBD) for treating your high blood pressure.