Different Types Of CBD Extraction Methods

Use Of CBD
Use Of CBD
CBD Extraction Methods
CBD Extraction Methods

CBD is becoming very popular all around the world for its therapeutic benefits. CBD is one of the many cannabinoid compounds of the marijuana and hemp plant. CBD can be extracted from the hemp plant by a number of methods. Each of those methods varies by their end results and their impact on the environment.

Solvent Extraction

This type of extraction method use solvents like ethanol, butane, isopropyl, propane, or alcohol for extracting CBD from the plant material. Solvent extraction is one of the quickest and least expensive methods of CBD extraction. Due it the highly inflammable solvents, it is also one of the dangerous extraction methods.

The flowers and plant trimmings are put into a container along with the liquid solvent. After that, the solvent is soaked through the plant material. This way the cannabinoids will strip off from the plant material. Then it is allowed to evaporate, which leaves the concentrated cannabinoids in an oil form.

CO2 Extraction

Most of the CBD brands around the world use the CO2 extraction method for producing their CBD products. This is because CO2 extraction is the most advance and effective way of extracting CBD from the hemp plant. It is also the most expensive extraction method. The end product of CO2 extraction will be highly potent, safe and chlorophyll-free CBD extract.

CO2 extraction uses a closed-loop extractor for the extraction of CBD from the plant material. It contains three chambers. The first chamber is for holding the pressurized CO2, which is then pumped to the second chamber that contains the plant material. The superficial CO2 runs through the plant material and extracts all the cannabinoids. Then it is pumped to the third chamber where CO2 rises to the top of the camber and leaves the extract at the bottom.

Olive Oil Extraction

This method of CBD extraction is the oldest extraction method. It is a simple, cost-efficient, and safer method of CBD extraction. The first step of olive oil extraction is the heating of the raw plant material to the desired temperature for the activation of chemicals in the plant. Then it is combined with olive oil and heated again.

When the mixture of olive oil and the raw plant material is heated to a particular temperature, the cannabinoids will be extracted from the plant materials. One problem in this extraction method is that the resulting extract is not as concentrated because the olive oil is not evaporated and it can dilute the oil.