Can CBD Products Strengthen Your Heart?

CBD Can Ensure Heart Health
CBD Can Ensure Heart Health
CBD Can Ensure Heart Health
CBD Can Ensure Heart Health

Irregular heartbeat or cardiac arrhythmia is also called dysrhythmia in which the heartbeat can be too fast or too slow. When the heartbeat is too fast, it is called tachycardia and when it is too slow, it is called bradycardia. Many of the cardiac arrhythmia patients will not have any obvious signs and symptoms, but some will experience chest pains, shortness of breath, light-headedness, and palpitations.

Traditional medications like beta-blockers, calcium blockers, and digitalis are used to treat the condition and aside from that CBD products are gaining popularity in managing the signs and symptoms of irregular heartbeat. Many studies show that CBD can ensure heart health. Read ahead to know how CBD products can strengthen the heart and avoid arrhythmia.

CBD Ensures Cardiovascular Protection 

As per the results of a study, acute administration of CBD can suppress irregular heartbeat that is caused by the inadequate supply of blood to the heart. This is called ischemia-induced arrhythmia. In the study, irregularities in a heartbeat were observed during reduced blood flow to the heart, before the perfusion period of CBD. The findings of the study are shared below.

  • CBD reduced irregular heartbeats resulting from reduced blood flow to the heart (ischemia).
  • CBD also reduced the size of the damaged tissue (infarct) when cannabidiol was used before ischemia.
  • The effect of CBD was dependent on the dosage.
  • CBD can also reduce ventricular arrhythmias.

CBD Helps Control Stress And Prevent Arrhythmia 

It is found that strong stress and anxiety lead to arrhythmia. This is because at times of stress heart works harder which leads to an increase in blood pressure making the body release stress hormones like cortisol. Long term stress and high cortisol levels can increase the levels of cholesterol, blood sugar, and triglycerides, which are the risk factors of arrhythmia and other heart problems.

Fortunately, CBD products can be used to control anxiety and stress. Taking CBD oil regularly can help calm your nerves, offering relaxation and a light feeling. Moreover, CBD is effective in relieving muscle tension and it offers a good night’s sleep, which can make you feel more energized the next morning.

Above shared are some of how CBD can ensure heart health and prevent arrhythmia. You can consume CBD sublingually or in the form of edibles to prevent arrhythmia and its symptoms.