Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Why are people buying so much toilet paper?

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Yesterday, I went to the grocery store (I’m visiting California right now), and going in, I passed this young couple that the young man has all the toilet paper that he can carry.. I don’t even know how many rolls he had. I go into the Ralph’s, a huge, huge store, and they still have a little bit of toilet paper left. You’re probably too late now, but half an aisle of a huge grocery store taken up was with toilet paper.

Now, folks, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a respiratory disease. Unless you’ve got your head someplace that it shouldn’t be, toilet paper is not going to be a whole lot of help to you with a respiratory disease. Now, on the other hand, there really are things that you should be stocking up on: bottled water, soup, yes, CBD. Believe it or not, edible cannabis or edible CBD. The fact is that we know that cannabis has some antiviral activity, whether or not that will make the slightest difference for the Coronavirus, I have no idea. I’m not telling you to do this because this will cure or prevent that. But, we also know that it is anti-inflammatory. We know that, you know, it really places stress on the respiratory system, which means, of course, that you should not be smoking anything. And a lot of the vape products are too hot.

But to have an edible, a sublingual, you know, some form of cannabis (whole cannabis or CBD). This is something that you should have in your house, because most people, unless they’re really old like me, are at really very low risk of dying from the virus. But it only on the other hand is like a bad case of the flu; it makes people feel really, really bad. And so for just symptomatic relief, this is something that you should think about. But you can leave the toilet paper at the grocery store.