Is Pharmaceutical Grade CBD Oil Useful For Managing Stress?

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CBD For Better Sex
Pharmaceutical Grade CBD Oil
Pharmaceutical Grade CBD Oil

Stress is meant to help us deal with difficult situations and in primitive humans, it was for fleeing from predators. But, in our modern-day lifestyle, the frequency of this response is high, resulting in high levels of stress response chemicals in the body causing a negative impact on our health. There are different ways to manage it, like change in habits and lifestyle, behaviour therapy, prescription drugs etc. One of the popular alternative solutions is using CBD for stress management. Read on to know how pharmaceutical grade CBD oil is useful in managing stress.

How Stress Works?

When we are faced with a challenging situation, the neurons get fired up, this activates the pituitary gland and it releases corticotropin. It is circulated throughout the body via the sympathetic nervous system which triggers the adrenal gland, and it releases cortisol, the stress hormone and adrenaline. Cortisol promotes the release of dopamine and increases the blood sugar level that makes us charged up. Adrenaline increases our pulse and respiratory rate, thereby preparing us physically for the confrontation. This biological response when sustained for prolonged periods can be harmful and is one of the main causes for most of the cardiovascular and lifestyle diseases that is prevalent today.

CBD For Stress

Cannabidiol (CBD) is useful in managing stress because of its effect on the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that is responsible for homeostasis. Because of this, it also affects the functioning of the endocrine system which is the network of glands that secretes hormones like cortisol, adrenalin and corticotropin. When these stress response hormones are released, they deregulate the balance of the body and result in health disorders.

Using CBD Oil For Stress

Pharmaceutical grade CBD oil is useful for managing stress in two different ways.

CBD Improves Hypothalamic Function: The hypothalamus region of the brain has receptors that check for blood cortisol levels. Whenever there is a spike, it reduces the secretion of stress hormones by adrenal glands through a feedback loop. But, in chronically stressed situations, the hypothalamus becomes less sensitive to it and hence requires more levels of this hormone for the feedback loop to be activated. Cannabidiol (CBD) improves the sensitivity of hypothalamus to cortisol and prevents prolonged exposure to stress.

CBD Reduces Oxidative Damage: Higher blood sugar levels increase metabolic rate, and this results in the build-up of free radicals that causes oxidative damages to cells and tissues in the body. The high amounts of antioxidants help to mitigate this and thereby reduce the damage to the body.

These are some of the ways in which cannabidiol (CBD) is useful for managing stress and reducing damages to the body due to stress.