Is CBD Beneficial For Your Dog?

CBD For Dogs
CBD For Dogs
CBD For Dogs
CBD For Dogs

CBD is a completely functional cannabinoid composite that is observed in plants like marijuana and hemp. CBD is currently used by millions of people all around the world as a natural remedy for many health problems. CBD’s chemical structure is very similar to that of THC. However, from the viewpoint of its effects, there are visible differences; for instance its psychoactivity.

Numerous studies have proven the therapeutic effects of CBD on the human body and recent clinical studies are shedding some light on the potential benefits of CBD on dogs. Just like humans, dogs also suffer from many health problems, such as anxiety, pain, epilepsy, and cancer, etc. Many anecdotal records are saying CBD is very effective in treating these health problems in dogs.

What Do The Vets Say About CBD?

A recent survey has shown that around 63 % of the veterinarians are suggesting CBD for alleviating the health problems that affect the dog. In some of the states in the US, vets can legally suggest the use of cannabis for the pets and also advise the clients about their potential side effects.

CBD For Dogs And It’s Consolations

Countless disquisitions have been stewarded to analyze the effects of CBD on pets like dogs and cats. These studies have found that CBD may be an effective option for the treatment of many of the health disorders that affect dogs.

A study conducted in 2018, looked into the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD and its effects on dogs suffering from arthritis. The dogs were given a daily dose of 2-8 mg of CBD based on their body weight. More than 80 % of the dogs that received CBD showed a reduction in inflammation level and better pain management. Another study in 2019 has found that CBD is a natural anticonvulsant because it helped in reducing the severity and frequency of seizures in epileptic dogs.

How To Give CBD For Dogs?

When it comes to giving CBD to dogs, it is not always easy for the pet owners. Some dogs do not like the smell and taste of CBD oil. In such situations, you have to find different methods to give CBD to your dogs. Most people prefer CBD treats as it is an easier way to incorporate CBD into the daily routine of your dog.

You can also add CBD oil in the food and drinks of your dog and feed it. One thing to remember is that you should stick with the dosage of CBD that the vet recommended.