Can CBD Help Athletes To Recover Faster?

CBD For Athletes
CBD For Athletes
CBD For Athletes
CBD For Athletes

Being an athlete means, you are enduring a lot of physical and mental stress regularly. Most often this stress will help you to improve your performance, but prolonged wear and tear can lead to injuries and other health problems. There are several painkillers that doctors usually prescribe that alleviates the pain and muscle aches. However, most of them can cause dependency and side effects.

The search for a better remedy for pain has led to CBD, one of the active cannabinoid compounds in the cannabis plant. This cannabinoid possesses anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, which are very beneficial for athletes. At the moment, millions around the globe are utilizing the health benefits of CBD. Athletes are now looking for a natural remedy that can alleviate pain and inflammation, and CBD is the answer. Do continue your reading to find out the advantages of CBD for athletes.

Is CBD Licit For Athletes?

One word – YES! The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has taken CBD off the list of prohibited substances. And so has the US Anti-Doping Agency. The important thing to note is that only CBD was removed, THC is still on the list of prohibited substances, along with synthetic cannabinoids.

Speeding Up Recovery With CBD

Every athlete needs a recovery period after a competition or a high-impact activity to regain their strength. The recovery period gives the athletes’ body and muscles enough time to adapt to the intensive workouts. Several studies conducted stands proof of the efficacy of CBD in helping athletes during the recovery period. Let’s take a look at how CBD is helping to speed up the recovery process.

Reduces Inflammation 

The main problem almost every athlete has is muscle inflammation, which usually occurs due to the extra stress on the muscles during exercises. Muscle inflammation will lead to severe pain and muscle aches. If you do not treat it properly, it can severely affect your performance and it will hurt your career. CBD can be a very effective remedy for muscle inflammation because of its interaction with the endocannabinoid system. CBD’s interaction will help in reducing the inflammation, which in turn helps to alleviate muscle aches and pain, and thus speed up the recovery.

Reduces Pain

Injury and muscle soreness are constant companions of an athlete. Delayed-onset muscle soreness from an intense workout or a minor injury can cause severe pain that will hamper your progress. Today, many athletes are using CBD products instead of other painkillers to alleviate the pain and speed up the recovery process. Some recent studies are showing that CBD can help in reducing musculoskeletal pain that often occurs during intense workouts. CBD can also help in alleviating the joint pain that many athletes usually get.

Improves Sleep Quality 

One of the main things that an athlete need for better recovery is sound sleep. The body produces Human Growth Hormone (HGH) when you enter deep sleep. The HGH is very essential for the repairing of muscles and tissues, which will promote the recovery process. A good sleep at night can take your immune functioning to a whole new level. Using CBD guarantees quality sleep. Studies show that CBD can help you fall asleep quicker than usual and it also helps to improve your sleep duration.

Alleviates Post-Event Stress

Many athletes often experience stress and anxiety just before a major competition. Experiencing psychological and physical stress can negatively impact your performance. Post-event stress is another problem that athletes have that can affect the effectiveness of their recovery after a competition or an intense workout. If recent studies are to be believed, CBD can give you complete relaxation – mentally and physically! There is evidence that suggests that CBD greatly helps alleviate anxiety and stress symptoms. This may give you the right mindset to begin your recovery process.

Promotes Gut Health

Proper gut health is also important for athletes to speed up the recovery process. Many athletes drop out of races due to gastrointestinal distress. This is mainly caused due to the inflammation in your intestines. Studies have proven that CBD can help in alleviating any underlying gut problems that are caused by inflammation. The CBD will interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors present in the colon and reduce the inflammation, and thereby give you relief from a lot of discomforts.

So Which CBD Product Is The Best?

CBD is available in a variety of forms in the market and choosing one among them is very difficult and requires a lot of homework. You need to first figure out what your problem is and choose the type of CBD products that is better to address your particular issue. If you need localized pain relief, a topical CBD product like CBD cream or CBD lotion is enough. If you need a full-body relief, you may have to choose a CBD tincture or CBD vapes.